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Shiljit supplement

MK 677

TB500 nasal sprays


And remember its three Sarms for £100 atomically applied at the checkout

Our ant-aging collection is getting more attention by the week 


For the more informed user with a little more experience who know what they want here Centurion Sarms we are in a position to produce personalised Sarm stacks.

We have been providing personalised stacks to clients own specifications. If your interested or need any more information on this service please do not hesitate to contact us


Please note we do not list any personally designed stack on our website that is not our own making but they are available to order 


Examples of some personalised stacks made to order.


SR9009 / SR9011   both micro dosed at 5mg and in a 120 cap pouch.

(now in store with 60 caps at £35 a packet)

Shedz mix which contains 7 Sarms specially dosed to work together on different path way . 

£75 per packet


Pwr Stack  is a bulk mix of 4 sarms dose to gives you a solid bulk with insane strength increases

£65 per packet